Tips for Decorating Cookies with Kids

December 9th, 2008 by admin

The following tips for decorating cookies with kids comes from the Chinaberry book Christmas Family Gatherings by Donata Maggipinto.

Photo by France Ruffenach

Photo by France Ruffenach

  • Clear a large work space for decorating, and another space for holding the finished cookies.
  • Protect clothes with aprons; have plenty of clean kitchen towels on hand.
  • Display the “naked” cookies on a counter and invite kids to choose the cookies they’d like to decorate.
  • Divide icing, sugars, candies, confetti, and other decorations among small bowls. Depending on the number of children participating, you may want to form cookie decorating teams and fill bowls with decorations for each team to share.
  • Plastic knives and spoons are helpful for spreading frosting and sprinkling sugar. Little ones will need supervision.
  • Have pitchers of drinking water and bowls of apple wedges and tangerine segments on hand for snacking; decorating is hard work!
  • Don’t forget to corral a few adults to assist you with the supervision.
  • Let children work at their own pace and according to their skill level. Remember, it’s the process that’s fulfilling and fun.

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