A Whole Month of Celebration

December 23rd, 2008 by Julie

For the past three weeks anytime anyone mentions the phrase “Christmas-time”, my son goes through the same line of questioning.

“Is it Christmas-time?”


“Tonight? It’s Christmas tonight?”

And then I launch into the same explanation, how Christmas-time is the “season” and the days and weeks leading up to and following the actual Christmas DAY are “Christmas-time”. I understand his confusion, he doesn’t go to school yet so the lapse of time on a calendar isn’t conveyed to him. He clocks his Christmas-time by watching the lights appear on neighboring houses, by the number of seasonal cartoon shows on television and by the sudden appearance of wrapping paper that has just been pulled out of its year-long hibernation (”What’s that for, Mom? Whatcha wrapping, Mom? Can I just take one teensy little peek, Mom?”). He doesn’t yet understand that all the festivities account for the time, culminating in one lovely day. But that it’s not just the singular day that creates the Christmas feeling. He is slowly starting to appreciate the joy and warmth of the season, of the “Christmas-time”, and not just the build up to that one singular day of gift giving and receiving. I try to keep things low-key and focused on the whole enjoyment of the season and all of the treats that come along with that, including seeing the lights and decorations on houses, singing along to Rudolph on TV, baking cookies, making ornaments and of course, wrapping up all the special gifts he’s made and chosen for everyone.

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