What’s Your Family’s Trademark Song?

July 9th, 2009 by Patti P

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Don’t be afraid to sing to your children. Our culture has become such a culture of experts; we often forget the simple pleasures of just sharing ourselves. We don’t have to know the perfect songs or have the perfect voice. It is the act of singing that our children will come to love. My husband and I often sing lullabies at our children’s bedtime. Our children are equally accepting of my husband’s renditions of ’60s rock tunes as they are of my obscure lullabies. Just pick a song you love and sing. Your children will love you for it. Three of my four children have adored “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” a song we resorted to one time on a long, unhappy car ride. Ever since then, that song has meant comfort to my children. On the worst of days, we can sing this song and be assured it will bring a smile to our children’s faces. Find your own family’s trademark song. These are moments that become treasured memories long after your child is grown.

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Does your family have a “trademark” song? How do you incorporate music into your kids’ lives? Do you sing lullabies to your kids at bedtime? What’s your favorite lullaby?

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2 Responses to “What’s Your Family’s Trademark Song?”

  1. Ali at Chinaberry Says:

    Hi Beth! Thanks for sharing your family’s favorite song.

    My kids and I often start off the day with one of my favorites “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.” It’s a great waking up song and helps put us in a good mood.

    I found this video of your family’s favorite:

  2. Beth Says:

    We sing an old Bing Crosby song, “Counting Your Blessings,” at nap times, bed times, and anytime someone is upset or stressed. My son (almost 4) asks for the “blessing song” several times, every day.

    We have the Bing version on a CD we take in the car and our daughter (almost 8 months) will not settle without it at every naptime.

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