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July 27th, 2010 by admin

Save 80% on our Babysitter Memo Tile

Was $29.95, Today (07/27/10) just $5.97! Price goes back up tomorrow (07/28/10). Shop Now!

No more leaving your babysitter with a hastily scrawled piece of paper with your contact info on it. Fill in this elegant ceramic tile with all the information your sitter needs. To change it, just erase and fill in again with the dry erase pen attached to the back of the tile.

With all the worries that run through our parenting brains — ”Did I tell the sitter about Kaelee’s lactose intolerance?” ”What if the dog eats the paper with the doctor’s phone number?” — it’s nice that a mere tile can clear up some of them. It stands on its own so you can place it wherever you want — on a mantle, table, shelf, counter, etc. Its soft yellow hue fits with any d├ęcor, too. A perfect gift for all parents.

Customer Review:

By Stefani
I have one of these and think it is GREAT. It also makes for a great gift for anyone that is pregnant and having a baby shower.
Submitted on: Oct 14, 2009


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