Customer Testimonials

  • Just want to say thank you thank you thank you!! I am now in college, but have grown up reading chinaberry books. Even now, when I come home on weekends, I search through the pile of mail on the counter for the chinaberry catalog! These books are the best selection of powerful and life-changing books on earth! They have shaped my childhood and the way I look at life. I know that my choice to be an English major and become a children’s book editor is all because of the books I read in my childhood, wonderful books you selected! Your catalog is beautiful. Thank you!” — KS, Sandy, UT 03/29/09
  • “How great that Chinaberry, which has been such a wonderful resource for me in raising my children, is continuing to guide me with mature skin care. I am looking forward to trying your recommendations… thank you.” — EL 02/27/09
  • “I savor every page of your catalog and want to read almost every book. Sigh… so little time.” — GA 01/29/09
  • “I’m a returning customer with fond memories of Chinaberry’s excellent reviews and products purchased for my now adult children. Memories grow strong as I now order for the next generation and thumb through familiar titles.” — PH 01/20/09
  • “I was amazed at how fast my last order was delivered Thanks.” — SB 01/17/09
  • “Like a sweet breeze in spring your catalog rejuvenates my soul. Thank you for providing such an inspiring collection of books, crafts and products. I look forward to reading your catalog whenever it arrives at my doorstep.” — CS 01/16/09
  • “I use Isabella and Chinaberry for all my gift shopping and for myself.” — DT 01/15/09
  • “LOVE your catalog which has something for everyone. It’s a good old fashioned book store in a catalog.” — MB 01/13/09
  • “I love to buy books from your catalog. Now I buy only from your good reads section and very rarely do I disagree with your reviews of the books. Thanks to you, I discovered some really great reads.” — MH 01/12/09
  • “This has been one of the smoothest ordering experiences I have had online. Thanks.” — SB 01/11/09
  • “I am delighted to order from Chinaberry. I am in awe of all that Ann Ruethling and staff have created to make us aware and appreciative of quality children books. Parents are in need to learn from the wisdom of others. Thank you.” — AS 01/11/09
  • “Thank you for your help in raising my family over the years. Your books and products suit our well being. God bless. ” — PB 01/10/09
  • “Since our son is age 26, that means I’ve been shopping with Chinaberry for 25 years and I still get happy to see the catalog arrive. Thanks for staying passionate about kids’ books.” — MK 01/01/09

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