An Unprecedented Announcement

Since 1982 Chinaberry has been a trusted source for positive, uplifting children’s books often found off the beaten path. Started at a kitchen table by a mother who believed in raising children who value love, honesty, joy, and reverence, Chinaberry grew to sell over 1 million books a year in the early 2000s.

With the advent of the internet and online shopping, Chinaberry expanded its offering to include quality toys and games, as well as products for women also featured in its sister-catalog, Isabella.

By 2015 Chinaberry was struggling as sales from catalogs were on the decline. Believing that an updated website and a new approach to catalogs could revitalize it, South Meadow Ventures purchased Chinaberry. We were committed to the Chinaberry mission of providing quality products, carefully curated and personally tested. We wished that it would remain a valuable resource for generations to come and quickly set about updating the Chinaberry website and fully launching Chinaberry into the digital era.

Unfortunately, while we did our best to bring Chinaberry up-to-date, expanding its offerings while still keeping the founders’ high standards, it is clear that customers are choosing to purchase their children’s products from others. It is with sadness that today we announce that Chinaberry will discontinue retail operations on or before January 31, 2019.  

We still believe as Chinaberry’s founder did 36 years ago, that parents are looking for books and toys that instill core values. There are tens of thousands of children’s books published each year, far too many for one family to navigate through. Chinaberry plans to continue to be a trusted source for recommendations and information. Stay Tuned.

7 thoughts on “An Unprecedented Announcement”

  1. So sad to see you go. I have always trusted that if it’s for sale at Chinaberry, it is a high quality product for my children and now my grandchildren. Thanks for all the good years!

  2. I am very sorry to see this turn of events at Chinaberry. Though my children are adults, I have bought things through the years at Chinaberry and have loved everything!
    I wish you all the best in this challenging time.
    I especially loved the adult reading.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about the closure. Now a grandmother, I was so excited to re-live the beautiful memories your website gave me for so long. Best wishes!! Thank you for wonderful products. You will be missed.

  4. My 4 “babies” are 20 + now so I haven’t bought for a while but I have so many good memories from the books we bought and just reading through the beautiful catalog. I looked it up so I could find the perfect books for my grand-nieces/nephews overseas (to bring with us), but alas…..

  5. What wonderful memories I have of going through the catalog for the next best book for my sons. Those sons are now 33 and 34 and have such a love of reading. I owe a thanks for such great books and selections and books that I would have missed out on. Was looking forward to Chinaberry for the next generation of readers.
    Wishing you a better future than you can imagine?

  6. Sorry to learn this news. I wanted to find books and toys for my grandchildren. Thanks for years of offering quality books and treasures. Deborah

  7. Thank you, Chinaberry, for guiding us through our daughters’ childhoods. Your heartfelt book reviews inspired and informed. We had fun with “your” toys. I do not exaggerate in saying that our lives are richer for your presence.

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