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Top 3 Staff Picks: Favorite Chinaberry Children’s Books - Mary

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Mary, Catalog Production CoordinatorMary, Catalog Production Coordinator

Mary’s Favorites:

1. Goodnight Moon:
Goodnight Moon is so timeless, so classic, I feel that describing it to you here would be comparable to describing Mr. Spock to a convention of trekkies. Honestly, this book is just as good today as it was when it was first published in 1947. Comforting and cheery, this rhyming bedtime story is a must-have for every family!

2. Jamberry:
A bouncy bear, a boisterous boy, and oodles of berries make this book better than a trip to the amusement park (almost!). You’ll have a sing-songy, colorful, and giggle-til-you-drop good time with this Chinaberry favorite.

3. Miss Rumphius:
If I had to choose one book that said CHINABERRY in a picture book form, it would likely be this one. I truly cannot give it enough praise. Imagine a girl whose only dream is to travel the world and whose only wish is to leave it a more beautiful place. Now see her grow to fulfill both. Just wait till you see how she does it!

Top 3 Staff Picks: Favorite Chinaberry Children’s Books

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Fiona, Customer Service Representative
Fiona, Customer Service Representative

Fiona’s Favorites:

1. Grandfather Twilight: This gentle and peaceful story finds a grandfatherly man marking the time of nightfall for all the creatures of the forest by giving the moon to the sky. How does he do this? The answer lies in his wooden chest.

2. A Fairy Went A-Marketing: This fairy/nature realm so ingeniously rendered, will give children endless hours of looking pleasure, while quietly instilling the lesson of respect for other living things.

3. The Railway Children: A railway becomes the way three children cope with losing their father in this classic tale that turns out fine in the end.