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One-Day Tuesday Mystery Item - Feb 28

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

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One-Day Tuesday Mystery Item - Dec 13

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

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One-Day Tuesday Mystery Item - July 26

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

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Louise’s Gallery

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Many of you will recognize the artwork on the front of this catalog — a mélange of some of our favorite covers from the days when Chinaberry and Louise Popoff worked together to give you original art on every catalog. We’re celebrating Chinaberry’s 29th birthday by making prints of Louise’s exquisitely detailed covers available on (keyword: Louise’s Gallery). Just seeing this collection of artwork after so many years reminded me of how each and every one of us is who we are because of where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced. On a personal level, I roll my eyes when friends give me grief about what a rule-follower I am, but then, they didn’t attend an extremely strict school for 11 years! And although it was no fun at the time, my husband and I were pretty darn poor when the kids were little — a situation demanding resourcefulness which I value and use to this day. That whiplash I got 30 years ago? The result is that over time, I’ve lost most of my sense of taste and smell, but this actually comes in handy sometimes when I just throw a meal together for myself or walk into the kennels first thing in the morning at the dog shelter where I volunteer.

Chinaberry, too, is what it is because of where we’ve been. From the beginning we’ve wanted to offer books and items that would inspire and encourage your families to leave the world a little better off than it would have been without them, and our reputation says we have been true to our mission. We know how we, ourselves, want to be treated as customers, and we take pride in sharing what we learn about each product and then giving you respectful and gracious service. Chinaberry’s roots run deep and we’ve never forgotten where we’ve been or where we’re going. Those of you who remember Louise’s covers will smile while walking down memory lane when you revisit her artwork on our website. And those of you new to it will also understand how these covers are part of what has made Chinaberry Chinaberry.

One-Day Tuesday Mystery Item - May 24

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

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One-Day Tuesday Mystery Item - February 15

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

One-Day Tuesday Mystery Item - Only $4.97, Was $24.95.

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Get Your Photo on the National Geographic Magazine Cover!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Press Release:


Starting June 15, Readers Can Order Customized Version Online
With Their Own Cover Photo

Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift? One that fulfills the fantasy of having a favorite photograph featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine?

This month, National Geographic is publishing a special collector’s edition, National Geographic Your Shot, featuring 101 of the best readers’ photographs submitted to National Geographic magazine over the past three years.

Starting Monday, June 15, readers can create and order a unique, customized cover of this special issue, using a photograph of their choice, by going to The customized version makes a perfect gift to memorialize a special family snapshot. The custom cover option for National Geographic Your Shot will be available to order, online only, for $19.99 plus shipping. The issue goes on newsstands with a standard cover on Tuesday, June 30, for $10.99.

National Geographic Your Shot includes spectacular images from photography enthusiasts around the world as well as profiles of three of the photographers whose work is included. It is organized into categories that encompass the most popular types of submissions: Ode to Joy; Human Moments; Odd Couples; and Natural Wonders. The 144-page issue, with a trim size of 7″x7″, is supported with advertising from HP, Fuji and Energizer.

Your Shot was originally developed as a Web-based way for National Geographic magazine to reach out to the legions of talented photography fans who dream of getting a photograph published in the magazine. More than 155,000 images have been submitted to National Geographic by readers since the Your Shot feature debuted in March 2006. Each weekday, a photo editor sorts through submissions and chooses a “daily dozen” of the top photographs, which are posted in an online gallery. Online visitors can vote for their favorites, and the top-voted photograph for each month is published in National Geographic magazine, along with the photo editor’s top pick. For more information on how to submit a Your Shot image to National Geographic magazine, go to

Click on the photos below to purchase National Geographic books from Chinaberry.

National Geographic’s Mothers & Children

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Review from Tina at Chinaberry:

In this stunning photographic gift book, National Geographic has once again compiled pictures that tell a story more eloquently than words could ever do, in this case capturing the essence of a mother’s love. No matter the place or the language, the universal truth of the connection between mother and child is the same: “I am here for you, you are safe and you are loved.” In southern Indiana, a young mother nurses her child while driving a tractor. In India, a beautiful young bride tearfully clasps her mother’s hand to her lips before driving off to her new life as a wife. In the People’s Republic of China, a mother and daughter share a gleeful moment of pure joy, and in Iceland, a mother braves the frigid air as she skates across the ice, her child warm and safe in a covered carriage.

The beautiful photographs, interspersed with quotes honoring mothers and musings from Craig Wilson combine to make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or at any time. You will want to share this treasure with all the mothers in your life.

Clearance Sale at SD Outlet

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Spring Clearance Sale

There’s still time, so please join us for our

SPRING CLEARANCE SALE: Now through April 18!

Fabulous savings of 30-75% on all items in our San Diego outlet store.

Store hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

2780 Via Orange Way, Spring Valley 91978

Exit Sweetwater Springs Blvd off East I-94. Go south to Austin; turn left.
Just up the hill, turn right on Via Orange Way. Enter the gate marked JayCraft.

Click here for interactive map

We hope to see you!

From all of us at Chinaberry, Inc.

Ph: 619-670-5200

Crafting - Coloring Easter Eggs

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Decorated Easter Eggs

Decorated Easter Eggs

Last year around this time of year, I gathered all of our Easter egg supplies and took the activity outside where we could decorate without fear of spilled dye on the carpet or dripping fingers touching the furniture. I know that not everyone has the luxury of warm weather in the spring, but if you are able to get outside to decorate your eggs, it really is the best option. I have a little play table that is a good height for the kids so they can stand over the dye cups and not risk tipping the cups over like they might at a dining room table or kitchen counter.

I have my boys dress in old clothes and then let them go at it. I buy an inexpensive egg decorating kit that includes the dye pellets, a wire holder (though a tablespoon is generally easier to maneuver), and sometimes a few stickers, which I usually put into their Easter baskets. I’ve never gone for those complicated dye kits that add glitter or wrap plastic casings around the eggs. I think they take away from the creativity and imagination of making your own designs. My boys like to draw on their eggs with a crayon before dipping them to create patterns or personalize them with their names. The half-and-half egg is a popular one at our house but requires a steady hand to hold the egg only halfway into the dye before flipping it on the spoon and dipping the opposite side into another color. My eldest likes to use an old eye dropper to deposit small drips and make a swirl effect with a rainbow of colors.

Using dye is the perfect opportunity to learn about color mixing (last year we ended up with lots of purple eggs, the result of my littlest trying to make a brown egg!). My boys usually abandon their spoons and holders halfway through the proceedings and end up dipping their fingers into the dye to retrieve their eggs. I don’t mind a little mess as I think it encourages the imagination, but if you want the kids fresh and clean for Easter Sunday, the dye does stain fingers and nails so have them wear rubber gloves!

This weekend I will be setting up our egg coloring station in the front yard. I hope you will share your own family Easter egg coloring traditions with us!

Time to decorate those eggs!

Time to decorate those eggs!