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These Boots Were Made for Walking?

Monday, November 24th, 2008

My girls love to recycle things — and we often discuss the many different ways to recycle. A couple of our favorite methods of recycling are donating to others and discovering a new use for stuff we no longer use in the original way. While sorting through clothes & shoes recently, we decided it was time to give away the rain boots that I bought for the girls three years ago (they still had to try to squish their feet into them one last time, but it ended up looking like Cinderella’s step sisters trying to force on the glass slipper).

I brought the boots to work, along with many other “treasures,” and placed them on our “Free Table.” As you can see from the photo, the boots were given whole new lives as planters. This was Cheryl’s incredibly creative idea. These would make excellent gifts, especially during the springtime. What an excellent way to recycle! My girls will definitely give their┬áseal of approval.